Retreat on Corfu from 20.-24.05.24 and online sessions from 25.05. until 27.07.24

Maybe you have the feeling that the last two years have turned everything upside down, you have been shaken up, exhausted and you no longer really know where you are going?


Maybe you know your way, but you just want to make new decisions, be braver and finally go your own way?!


Or maybe you have already gone far and still wish for support in these challenging times?


This combination of a retreat in Corfu in a wonderful group followed by three online sessions allows you to really reconnect with yourself and restart your life within three months.


You can

  • recharge your batteries in Corfu, recharge yourself in nature,
  • Dive deeper into Mother Earth and your inner self on a day trip, the Medicine Walk, through walking in silence and through portals, guided by meditations,
  • deepen your connection with the element of water and your playfulness in a mermaiding session,
  • share what´s moving you inside with other wonderful people,
  • then restart through the three online sessions, completely realign your own path or just go differently!


Here on Corfu, a team of wonderful people is waiting to accompany you wholeheartedly, with joy and with wise competence… These are Nadine (mentor, human design reflector), Alexandra Verena (angel guide, Freudentanz coach), Sophia (Future Families, Water& Birth Therapist), Athanasia (herbalist, bodyworker, energy healer, beekeper and wild herbs collector) and Sabine (life mentor, trauma therapist, inner child coach).


You are coming to Corfu from 20.-24/5/24


Nature & the water clean and support you!

In the 5 days you can expect:


  • 3 hours daily group retreat to share, practice together and enjoy nature, sun, beach & sea. A space for meditation, yoga, dance, sunset gazing, beach peelings and much more.
  • 1 Day Medicine Walk (Nature Walk to a Secret Beach, partly in silence, partly singing, crossing portals and caves, swimming, recharging batteries, meditating, picnicking etc.)
  • 1 Mermaiding group session with the body experience of feeling both legs in a fin, surrendering and getting into a natural flow with the water. This session brings lots of fun, but can also be a true empowerment exercise, depending on where you are!
  • Lots of time for you!!! SPACE and TIME-OUT for you! Hammocks, olive groves, salt water on your skin, take a deep breath, ENJOY!!!



1,5 hour


spare time


1,5 hour



1,5 hour


walk for the day


1,5 hour



1,5 hour


spare time


3 hours



3 hours


spare time



1,5 hour


spare time


1,5 hour

After this week in Corfu in the period from 25/5/24 to 27/7/24 you will receive for your

RESTART NEW at intervals of 4 weeks THREE ONLINE SESSIONS as follows:

  • 90-120 minutes REFLECTOR MENTORING with Nadine, who deepens your process through being a reflector and mirroring blind spots and refines it with her deep knowledge of Human Design & Gene Keys.
  • 90-120 minutes ANGEL GUIDANCE with Alexandra Verena, who will look with you which angels are by your side and show you how you can open up on a soul level in order to take the next steps hand in hand with your heavenly companions.
  • 90-120 minutes FEEL & HEAL with Sabine / space to feel and reflect on where you are and how to proceed!


The retreat is offered and led by Sabine.
On our Medicine Walk we have Athanasia and her wise competence in the package!
The Mermaiding Session is conducted by Sophia.
In addition, optional bookable massage offers on site can bring you into even deeper contact with yourself.


Nadine, Alexandra Verena and Sabine accompany you with the online sessions.


The total investment for this


is EUR 445 for Corfu week plus EUR 666 for 3 online sessions > TOTAL EUR 1.111

(also payable in 2 installments)


incl. 15 hour group sessions / 1 day Medicine Walk / Mermaiding Session /


and lots of joy, lived experiences, authenticity, wisdom, compassion & love!


Travel, food and accommodation are not included. But we are happy to help to organize.


Minimum group size: 7 participants Maximum group size: 11 participants

Booking period: 13.04. to 12.05.24

Course language: german and english




Corfu and online


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Sabine Fries | Reconnect & Start New - Athanasia

Athanasia, lives in Corfu with her beloved family and is inviting collective holistic healing through her Ancient Healing Arts in a modern way „ATHANASIA“: activities in which she embodies immortality through the role of herbalist, wild herb collector, beekeeper and creator of the organic herbal remedies for healing & beauty „Back to the Roots“, bodyworker in a healing journey (Tibetan KuNye massage in synergy with TCM, Hippocratic principles, cuppings & vibration), certified B.E.S.T. practitioner – Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique, Qigong practitioner and Qigong energy healer (one to one or distant).

Sabine Fries | Reconnect & Start New - Sophia

Sophia works with water to help us better remember who we are. She is an Aquatic Perinatal Therapist, Pregnancy and Birth Doula, and Mermaid Instructor. Corfu is an island shaped like a mermaid! If you look at the satellite image of her, she becomes all the clearer. Can you see her? Her slender legs, her shapely knees, her mermaid tail? A beautiful mermaid as if rising from the waters of the Ionian Sea. Sophia is an aquatic therapist and educator as well as… a mermaid teacher. She works with water and not just in it, so that we can better remember who we are. During a 90-minute Mermaid Experience, learn how to swim with a tail and experience the exhilarating freedom and magic of mermaids. I will provide you with the equipment you need and I will guide you every step of the way, either in the pool or in the sea depending on the weather conditions. You will also get some underwater pictures of you as a precious memory.

Sabine Fries | Reconnect & Start New - Alexandra Verena

Alexandra’s mission is to bring heaven to earth. Her deep connection to the angelic realm allows you to connect with your own Guardian Angel. The angels revealed to Alexandra a method to invite her into the divine vessel of your body. The process is sensual, gentle, playful and powerful – a combination of conversation, energetic mediation, angel tapping and sensual angel dance. Just know: You are never alone; You are on the right way! Come with an open heart, curiosity and playfulness to discover how to open yourself to this loving contact with your angelic support. In her early 20s, ALEXANDRA was confronted with a life-threatening brain tumor. It was a wake up call that became her angel call. She left her job as an art gallery manager and devoted herself to her healing journey. Alexandra, author of „Let’s talk about Angels“, was shown a method called „FREUDENFEUER – Fire of Joy“ to reconnect people with their soul and the angelic realm. She offers 1:1 sessions, Europe-wide workshops, retreats and is a speaker at international congresses. Alexandra is also the author of the book Let’s Talk About Angels.  „If we take one step towards the angels, they take a thousand steps towards us“ Are you ready for more joy, peace and love in your life? Would you like to meet your guardian angel who will protect you and walk with you side by side? Want to know your next steps? Alexandra invites you to the realm of angels. Your Guardian Angel loves you, has always loved you, has been with you forever. Each of us longs to feel that deep sense of peace, safety and love that comes from this reconnection with Source; Connecting with it opens you on a soul level and brings a sense of inner peace, no matter what your external situation is.

Sabine Fries | Reconnect & Start New - Nadine


Nadine has always been incredibly sensitive to other people’s energy, emotions and what is not said. A longing to connect intimately with the mysterious, poetic depths of human experience, with her ability to understand her pain, is part of her nature and tremendous gift. Attuned to the collective consciousness, she is a visionary dedicated to investing in elegant, authentic and sustainable ways of living in service as a Creative Business Design Advisor, Artist, Evolutionary Mentor and Muse to build synergy and coherence by creating “The Creator Studio “ supports. . Inspiring others to break free from a complex life into a simple life – and to be simple. Her background includes 19 years of management, leadership, marketing and communications, international project and account management, sales, business development, strategy, design, personal development, neuro-linguistic programming, and teaching social and emotional intelligence. With the perspective of being a Reflector 4/6 by Human Design, she is also a guardian of wisdom, a guide and a mirror that focuses her energies on awakening conscious leaders from the inertia of the state through creativity and human communication to a world truer to help shape beauty.  Holding space through the presence of her auric field, Nadine offers heightened awareness that allows you to detach and find the golden key that opens the door to your life direction. A guide that takes you through confusion, overwhelm, emotional triggers, challenges and moments of growth that go deep into the deconditioning process. Through their reflection, you see, feel, and understand yourself clearly, while blind spots and patterns are illuminated. Get a feeling of clarity, calm and lightness. With her power of extreme sensitivity, judgment, and objectivity, you’ll get unbiased feedback and the truth of what you need to hear. Empowering you to be your authentic self and the opportunity to enhance self-acceptance, confidence and higher levels of self-esteem to cultivate a renewed spirit of individuality. By asking precise questions, she orients you to ask within and feel the answers. You attune to your core purpose and awaken your unique creative genius – the inner artist – that leads to inner and outer prosperity and experiences life as art.

Sabine Fries | Reconnect & Start New


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